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Good Law Firm Logos

Good Law Firm Logos

Remember when you first put out your shingle and got your business cards printed? Ah, those were the days when you had your sister design your logo and everyone was so proud. But, guess what? Your sister’s logo isn’t holding up. It’s time for change.

As Faulkner said, “you must kill your darlings.” He was talking about good writing, but the same principle applies to any communication. If you want your logo to speak clearly, here are some things to avoid:

1 Good Law Firm Logos:  Avoid Complicated Designs

You want the scales of justice and your name and your partner’s name and an eagle! No you don’t. Because this design will make people think you can’t make a decision. A messy logo is the sign of a careless, uninformed, and messy mind.

The solution: Think simple. Go with one unifying image.

2 Good Law Firm Logos:  Stay Away from Generic Designs

You know who’s moved by generic logos? No one. That’s who. If you can find clip art of the image you want to use, don’t use it. Also, if you’ve seen it on a thousand business cards, don’t use it. So, stay away from Lady Justice, scales, courthouses, gavels, and Ionic columns.

The solution: Be unique, be yourself, and think outside of the courthouse box.

3 Good Law Firm Logos:  No Icky Color Combinations

The wrong colors can make you look cheap and dated. Imagine a room full of attractive people. Oh, what’s that? One man is in a purple suit and a woman is wearing a shiny gold and magenta dress. These are crazy people, and a logo with bad colors says you don’t have it all together.

The solution: Update to modern color combinations that inspire confidence and project professionalism.

4 Good Law Firm Logos:  Just Say No to Goofy Fonts

Immature fonts are never appropriate for business, and yet people keep using them. What bad fonts say about you is that you’re childlike, good for a laugh, whimsical, and woefully ill-informed about the Comic Sans ban. Also, don’t go the other way and pick something that has so many Gothic flourishes that it can’t be read.

The solution: Choose a font that is modern and clean or serious and clean. Whatever it is, let it be clean.

5 Good Law Firm Logos:  Don’t Use Figures or Cartoons

You know those simple figures people love to use on their logos? Those swirly, blocky, gesturing people are not your friends. Usually they are inadvertently doing something inappropriate. Often no one knows they’re supposed to be people. Always they are a mistake. And forget the disembodied hands shaking. They’re creeping us out.

The solution: Go with an abstract symbol, letters, or a bold image that sets you apart from the rest.

Good Law Firm Logos:  What To Do

Visual appeal is so important to your brand. In fact, most people decide what to buy based on how appealing they find the company images. These are subconscious choices we make all day every day. We’re trained to judge a book by it’s cover, a product by its label, and a law firm by its logo.

The solution: Stick with simple designs, strong colors, professional images, and a good graphic designer.


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