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Anjlee Bhatt Interview

Anjlee Bhatt | Pressed Media of Manchester, UK

Anjlee Bhatt helps clients develop their online presence through social media marketing and training. She is a digital strategist and coffee enthusiast.

Q What inspired you to enter your profession?

A It seemed like a natural progression…the theme of my career history has always been information, acting as a reference point, collating, curating and coordinating. My transition from using social media as a personal network to seeing it as a potential full-time career happened during the time I spent earning my MBA from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

I began with including social media coaching and consulting as part of my freelance portfolio; and, when I moved back to the UK from Canada in September 2011, I took the first formal steps to achieving my goal by enrolling on the Search and Social Media Marketing course at Salford University.

Q What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

A No software is irreplaceable, but I still rely heavily on the usual suspects: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat Pro. For social media specifically, Hootsuite and SocialBro are key tools that I still use on a daily basis and Google Docs are great for supporting collaborative projects.

Q What’s your best time-saving shortcut productivity tip?

A Don’t try to do everything! But, if you can’t help multitasking, use an online app like Trello to manage your to do lists and assign deadlines and reminders.

Q What everyday thing do you think are you better at than anybody else?

A There will always be someone better or more experienced, but by playing to our known strengths we are able to focus on our own abilities and achieve the best possible result.

I have found that knowing how to find things out is often more important than knowing precise facts and figures. In effect ‘The Internet Has Become the External Hard Drive for Our Memories’ and I’d like to think that my education and years of information management experience have given me a helping hand with research and content curation

Q What are you currently reading?

A This questionnaire…well, you did ask! Typically, I read a lot of blogs and news feeds. Most information comes to me through Twitter, RSS feeds, email notifications and social media posts.

On the rare occasion where I do pick up a book in hard copy, it’s normally something completely different and probably written by Terry Pratchett or one of his peers.

Q What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A A strategic withdrawal is not a failure, especially when it means you can achieve success in the long run and not waste precious resources on escalation of commitment!

Q What’s your greatest challenge?

A Information overload and digital distraction. With the pace of growth in digital and the constantly changing social landscape, there is a driving force to read, learn and keep up to date. However, this must be tempered with the need to create and deliver value. Time spent learning and exploring our digital world must be justified in the results produced on behalf of clients or in the contribution to our personal goals.

Q What’s your greatest achievement?

A Now that’s a good question and something to be debated over the course of an evening. I have made a number of life-changing decisions, but I don’t really think of the results as great achievements, even though others might.

Maybe I’ll be able to give you a better answer in a few years time, but I think a person’s greatest achievement is whatever legacy they leave behind that makes the greatest impact on others.

Q Anything else you want to add?

A If you’re ever planning a trip to the UK, look me up and let’s see if we can find time for a coffee!

Q Who would you like to see answer these same questions?

A Mark Longbottom. Mark has a background in performance art and is fascinated by social interaction and communication. He is doing great things with his niche creative network ‘Platform 58’ and street artists from all over the world and this is something that I would love to see get more recognition

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