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Mark Longbottom, Social Media Consultant

Mark Longbottom | Social Media Consultant

Mark Longbottom is motivated by sociable interaction between people and its effect on developing communities online and offline when using relevant technologies. The focal point of Mark’s sociable activity has always been creative, whether working as a living sculpture, designer or consultant he always looks for interaction, participation and response.

Mark is currently ranked an impressive number 3 in the Social Media UK 500 listing.

Q What inspired you to enter your profession?

A Not sure I entered but instead continued to evolve and develop my social networking that started in 1982. I’m always looking to talk to relevant people all over the world using the necessary media or medium – the inspiration is the people who understand how unimportant borders and boundaries are.

Q What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

A A phone, laptop or place to log on suffices. I couldn’t live without the Repost app for Instagram, as that makes it sociable. I log into all platforms far better than using short cuts. Repost or any other app that enables you to share other users’ Instagram posts simply makes the platform more sociable and builds interaction, relationships and communities.

Q What’s your best time-saving shortcut productivity tip?

A Take your time use time effectively – in the long term it saves time. Do what’s relevant and make sense in your own time not anyone else’s time.

Q What everyday thing do you think are you better at than anybody else?

A I’m not better than anyone else; I can learn from everyone I meet as they can from me. Maybe that’s it, I don’t want to compete like so many others who are digging early graves.

What might they learn from me? Hopefully how important it is to listen, learn and experiment. That following instinct, perception and experience is critical. Add chaos and anarchy and you have real life rather than prescribed living as many follow when reading stats rather than trusting themselves.

Q What are you currently reading?

A Unselling by Scott Stratten & Alison Kramer. He saw something I said on Instagram and sent me a copy. I’ve read 5 pages should finish it by 2064 or sooner. I’m sure it’s a winning book but I’m more inspired to read a and interact on timelines daily. Stratten is one of three writers worth reading; the rest live in the bargain bins. I don’t read many books but suggest reading everything by Jack Kerouac.

Q What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A You can learn something from everyone so never ignore anyone. My dad let me have that one and he was so right, try my best as some people push it to the limits of ignorance.

Q What’s your greatest challenge?

A Not laughing when people sell like it’s 1999 and they think they are ahead of the game.

The challenge is still people leading with confidence and belief followed closely by bullying. These people are evident everywhere, usually marketing via Twitter rather than understanding it’s a conversational platform. Pushing never engaging, sitting in their comfort zone whether that’s the White House or their shed. They’re the ones resistant to be seen failing in public.

Q What’s your greatest achievement?

A Being able to connect creative people across the world without ever meeting them for 30+ years. Since 2008 this has been done through my creative network #PLATFORM58 on all major social media sites.

Q Anything else you want to add?

A The links below are there to show how I use social media platforms, I don’t have specific business pages anymore. The links speak for themselves, better than more pages sharing Mashable feeds as everyone can find them on their own.

Q Who would you like to see answer these same questions?

A I suggest Helen Winder, a real person with experiences and thoughts that can benefit others.

Mark Longbottom

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Mark Longbottom, social media consultant

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