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SEO for Law Firms, 5 Fantastic Ways to Improve

SEO may sound like a foreign term to those fluent in legalese, but it’s an excellent way for law firms to build their online presence. The work continues both in and out of the courtroom. By taking the time to learn about SEO for law firms, you can build authority, raise your credibility, create vital backlinks, and boost your site traffic.

1 SEO for Law Firms: Awards & Accreditations

Remember when you were in high school and you joined clubs because they would look good on your college applications? You’re still being vetted, which means that awards, achievements, and affiliations will improve your image. To build credibility, consider going for:

  • National Awards: Such as Golden Hammer, Margaret Brent Women of Achievement Award, Pro Bono Publico Award, and National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.
  • State Awards: Many state bars offer awards for outstanding achievement. Join, participate, and get yourself nominated.
  • Inc 500 and 5000: Apply to be recognized as an entrepreneurial leader. Benefits include increased local, national, and trade media exposure and networking opportunities.
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: With this designation, you can include the torch logo on your marketing material to let consumers know you are a reliable, ethical business.

2 SEO for Law Firms: Sponsorships & Charity

Becoming a leader in your community will help you build trust, boost visibility, attract media exposure, and get your law firm website valuable links for improved SEO. Here are some easy ways to do good for yourself and others:

  • Sponsor an Event: Find a charity you can get behind and offer them money in exchange for publicity. Win-win. Plus, you don’t have to do anything but sign a check and send your marketing materials to their organizer
  • Host an Event: If you want more control, you could host your own event. It could be an industry, community, or a charity event. You will get all of the media exposure as the host as well as backlinks to your website from supporters.
  • Support a Charitable Cause: Create your own charity and build a community around it. Or make a donation to an existing charity. Or give an annual award. Not only will you benefit the group of your choice, you will get press coverage and valuable backlinks.

3 SEO for Law Firms: Guest Posting

As an attorney, you are an authority. You have expertise. So, spread your knowledge and build your reputation. Offer your expertise to industry-related online publications to:

  • Build your image and boost your firm’s credibility
  • Drive traffic to your website with authorship links
  • Increase visibility of your firm and your own website

By guest posting on another site, you reach a whole new audience. The more sites you make your mark on, the wider your reach will be. Posting an in-depth blog post guest offering useful legal tips on another site is a great way to capture new targets. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your site and boost your ranking using backlinks.

Guest Blogging Tip: Focus on strategic topics that relate to your law firm’s practice.

4 SEO for Law Firms: Social Media Activity

Social media is a great tool for branding your firm and positioning yourself as an industry leader. If you provide a resource to the public, you will build your reputation and increase your business. Try:

  • Blogging: Write what you know on your own site then link to your writing from social media, with email blasts, and in newsletters.
  • Twitter: Engage online with your followers and your community of professionals. Also, register a unique hashtag through Twubs or then use it regularly.
  • Google+: Create a page, connect, make circles, join circles, post videos, post content, and use Google hangout to chat and conference call.

5 SEO for Law Firms: Alternative Sanctions

People seek out law firms that they trust. By focusing on improving your SEO, you’re establishing your firm as a leader in the industry. When a target reads an in-depth blog post you’ve sent out on social media or attends a charity event sponsored by your firm, it establishes their trust in your professionalism. Whether you come up with your own SEO strategy or hire an expert to do it for you, SEO is a valuable tool no law firm can do without.

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