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Inbound Marketing Basics

Inbound Marketing Services: Adapt, Adopt, Engage, and Entertain

Inbound marketing services are slippery. But there are a few basic rules that pertain now and will also pertain if you’re reading this years from its published date…adapt, adopt, engage, and entertain. To take advantage of the power of inbound marketing services, if you remember these 4 things, you’ll do well.

1 Inbound Marketing Services: Adapt

As a marketer, I’m constantly being reminded that marketing messages can be annoying. How many email lists have you unsubscribed to? And why? Maybe you weren’t interested anymore. Maybe they sent you one too many emails. Maybe you were having a day when you decided to de-clutter your inbox.

You’re competing for attention in a niche-market driven world. Some of your customers will be loyal no matter what you do. Some will drop you because you:

  • Used a font they don’t like
  • Made a spelling mistake in a post
  • Retweeted something a reader didn’t like

But you might get the attention of different customers because you:

  • Were consistent in your posting habits
  • Reached out using a new social media platform
  • Provided solid information about something readers care about

2 Inbound Marketing Services: Adopt

I can’t stress this more—adopt new tools, approaches, and technologies.

Inbound marketing services should be flexible so:

  • Jump on bandwagons. Connect in new ways. Reach out.
  • Try new tools. Use graphics. Throw some infographic in there.
  • Be beautiful. Be artful. Be eye-catching.

Your ROI will reward creativity and flexibility. So, when you hire professionals to help you, don’t fall for promises that certain approaches and outlets will work for you. Every social media outlet isn’t made for every business. Plus, social media trends change. Quickly. So, trust professionals who know this and who rely on metrics and strategy over so-called tried and true methods. There is no such thing as a sure thing in the Inbound Marketing world.

3 Inbound Marketing Services: Engage

Your website should be an information booth for your inbound traffic. You got people to come to you, now:

  • Give them something to binge on
  • Give them more of you and your ideas
  • Give them your products and services

Keep in mind that you’re engaging with people. Not consumers. Not targets. Not demographics. Just regular people who like what you have to say. Use that information to your advantage when you create your content. Be human, not a slick marketing message.

4 Inbound Marketing Services: Entertain

You want people to pay attention to you? Be interesting in some way. This has always been the case with marketing—no matter what the vehicle for the message. You have to be noteworthy to cut through the clutter. Even if people are coming to you, which is how Inbound Marketing works, you still have to give them a reason to stay.

You have built it and they have come. Now tell them what you want them to do.

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Jon Whitbeck

As a web designer and developer, I have managed, built, launched, and maintained websites that meet my clients' objectives. I develop dynamic websites with content management systems based on the latest design trends. My background as an educator and instructor helps me create user-friendly interfaces and teach my clients how to update their own sites.

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